Kranzle 2X2 Sweeper

Order No.A50076
Working Width800mm
Volume Storage Bin40L
Spare Parts
Side BrushA50136
Round BeltA50160
Roller Brush, frontA50119
Roller Brush, rearA50120

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  • Hand power sweeper with double-roller hasp principle
  • 80 cm working width
  • Storage bin and housing made of impact-proof plastic
  • Extra large wheels with natural rubber tyres for optimum transmission of force
  • 40 l storage bin
  • Feeder brushes and roller brushes made of extreme abrasion-proof nylon
  • Variable height adjustable feeder brushes
  • Unloading device for brushes and cleaning of evacuated air with microfilter
  • Total weight approx 17 kg
  • Order No. 50 076

The Kranzle Principle:
The Kränzle 2X2 universal sweeper has a working width of 800mm. Its performance is 3,000 m per hour. Its double brush-roller principle guarantees the best possible cleaning.
With pressed side brushes you can move the machine easily over the surface to be cleaned. Your personal walking speed (approx. 3 km/hr) allows you to control the speed of the brushes and thus the cleaning rate. To move the machine over for longer distances without activating the brushes, pull the machine backwards to disable the sweep function.